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Now Playing:  "Obsessed" 1x05:  The Home-Work Session  Lillian and Ethan learn they will have no escape from eachother's constant presence when Mr. Whittley shuts down Ethan's office and sets him up at home.                 Watch Larger Version
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Series Premiere            7/17/09
"Obsessed" makes its official debut with the first episode hitting numerous online venues today!  "The Pilot Session" introduces you to the turmultuous lives of Lillian & Ethan Brinkley! 

The site has also been expanded with the addition of the "Bonus" features page currently featuring both "Obsessed" trailers, and more hilarious bonus material to come!
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New Trailer                     6/23/09
The new trailer for "Obsessed" is finally here with your first look at footage from the upcoming series!  Photo Gallery & Episode Listings coming soon, as well as hilarious Bonus Material!  Series Premieres July 17, 2009
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